Premature Ovarian Failure And Nutrition Connection 2023 Tips

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Premature Ovarian Failure, sometimes referred to as POF, is a endocrine disorder that sometimes can be brought on by other health related conditions, but many times the reason for this occurrence is unclear.

Women with this condition find that they experience ovarian dysfunction which includes the loss of eggs. Under normal conditions the egg supply each woman has will decrease over time until the onset of menopause, generally speaking around the age of 50. However, this condition causes a premature onset of menopausal symptoms at very out of the ordinary youthful ages. It can strike as early as the teen years.

Premature Ovarian Failure and the Nutrition Connection Nutritional Tips for Improving a Seemingly Hopeless Condition

Women experiencing this condition will find that they have all the classic menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, as well as irregular menstrual cycles, or menstrual cycles that cease altogether, as well as mood swings and vaginal dryness.

For women that haven’t yet even begun the process of making family planning decisions, they may feel like the decision was already made for them and they can experience a profound feeling of loss. Causing many conflicting feelings as well as depression.

Exercise to Improve

exercise to improve Premature Ovarian Failure

From a nutritional standpoint though, there is much that can be done in the attempt to improve this condition. This is a endocrine disorder, and just like many endocrine dysfunctions that occur for a variety of reasons, good nutrition can come to the rescue and help to turn this circumstance around.

To begin the process we can start by radically changing our diet and lifestyle, as well as consider our digestive function (or lack of digestive function). Proper digestion is the key to getting nourishment out to the endocrine system so it can in turn function normally.

Before anyone experiencing this condition considers HRT or other possible medical interventions, it would be worth trying to bring the endocrine system back into balance with good nutrition. First, resign yourself to eating more live raw foods because in them is the magic and live enzymes that are catalysts in setting things into motion within our bodies.

They also have a more absorbable vitamin and mineral content than would be the case in supplements, although certain supplements will also be helpful to aid the endocrine system in gaining back normal function as well. Eat whole foods as a rule. Whole grains and beans will be a complimentary addition to the raw food in helping to overcome this disorder.

With regard to supplements for this condition, first and foremost would be digestive enzymes. Digestion has got to be top notch if Premature Ovarian Failure is rearing its ugly head. Without proper absorption and uptake of nutrients the endocrine system will not receive the nutrition it needs to function normally.

When choosing a digestive enzyme, make sure it includes hydrochloric acid. This substance will ensure proper breakdown of many harder nutrients and minerals that need strong gastric acid to be broken down adequately. Take these with all meals and snacks. Between 1 and 3 is the usual dosage depending on the how much is being eaten.

Other supplements that will be helpful for this condition include any nutritional oils such as flax, primrose, borage, fish, black currant, and pumpkin seed oils. All of these are very nourishing to the entire endocrine system and will aid in its recovery quicker than if you exclude them.

Supplements to Improve the Condition

supplements to improve Premature Ovarian Failure

A good B-complex will also be helpful nourish you in general. Adding an extra folic acid supplement will never hurt either. Folic acid is incredibly nourishing to the ovaries and eggs.

Including exercise in your daily routine will encourage and stimulate your endocrine system to function well. Aerobic exercise will be a great addition to your regimen in gaining ground over this problem. Always use common sense when exercising. Over doing exercise will be counterproductive too so practice caution and balance.

Lastly, give this new lifestyle time. Working within the nutrition realm does not immediately impact like a pharmaceutical or HRT would. Give yourself a good 3 months after starting to see any significant changes occurring.

Work within the design of the body. You were meant to reproduce and have fertility, along with monthly cycles but our bodies cannot function without proper nutrition. After living this way for some time and feeling the good health and well being that accompanies it, as well as seeing the improvement in the Premature Ovarian Failure, you’ll wonder how you lived any other way.

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