Power Tower Exercises — All you Need to Build Muscle

Getting in shape is one of the essentials that everyone should own and for that you need the right power tower exercises.

However, you do not need to worry about it at all.

Because I am going to give you all my experiences, from which you can learn and implement. A lot of people or trainers will advise you to do some weird sort of exercises but I will start from beginner to advanced level workouts to make it simple for you on a basic home gym.

Power Tower Exercises

Both men and women can do the exercises for power tower that I’m going to show you. Even teenagers can take advantage of these basic to advance level workouts.

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So, without wasting any precious time let’s begin the exercises that will target every muscle of your body.

Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Always remember that bodyweight exercises are compound movements and the exercises you perform by using weights are called resistance training.

In compound movements, multiple muscles are working at the same time. Hence, targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time. As a result, building more muscle and burning fat at the same time.

Body Weight Training is best for hypertrophy and you know in hypertrophy you don’t gain mass in a bulky way rather you gain lean muscle mass. All this perfectly achieved on a suitable power tower and within your budget.

List of Exercises (Complete Body)

The list of exercises are;

  • Dips (Target Chest and Triceps)
  • Chin-ups (Target Back Muscles)
  • Pull-ups (Target Biceps)
  • Wide Chin-ups (to get V-tapper)
  • Hanging Leg Raises (to build Abs)

Now, I will explain you the benefits and ways to perform these exercises.

Dips (Target Chest and Triceps)

Dips Power Tower Exercises

One of the most effective and reliable way to build some muscle mass on your chest and triceps are the Dips.

Usually these power dips are done by holding the grips hard with proper stability and using your pressing ability to go down and then rise up using your triceps. This method is a bit modern but you can change it to traditional by doing a small trick that I’m going to tell you.’

All you need to do is lean a little forward and you will notice a stretching and opening of your chest. This is now going to affect your chest as well as front shoulders.

Yes, that’s the feeling you want to get because then you will get an amazing buffed and cut chest.

You can do 3 sets till failure and you will start noticing the results but remember what I say.

“Get Out of your Comfort Zone.”

Chin-ups (Target Back Muscles)

Chin-ups (Target Back Muscles)

Chin-ups is already a traditional way to build a sexy looking back.

First of all, start with placing your hand grips in such a way that the palm is faced downward. It’s called overhand grip. You will be hanging to the bar vertically.

Then start pulling yourself with your pulling ability by using your back muscles. Go all the way up and then come all the down without losing the tightness in your back. I know it’s hard but one day it will be your warmup.

You are going to develop such amazing pulling power in your back and rear shoulders that you will see noticeable changes in your overall strength.

Start doing with 5 pull-ups a day and the 3 sets will depend upon the ability that how much you can do it.

But keep progressing every day. If you don’t want to visit the gym and want to do Home workouts with the help of best home gym stations (link)then do check out.

Pull-ups (Target Biceps)

Pull-ups Power Tower Exercises

Do not let yourself get confused in-between the chin-ups and pull-ups. Because both are done by hanging vertically but there are small differences that I will tell you.

First of all you are hanging with your palms facing downwards and a wide grip. Now, I will tell you to face the palms upward and hold the bar with less width.

Now pull. You will start noticing that now the whole pressure is on your biceps and you are pulling with your bicep muscles.

You can do 8 reps of 3 sets if you are a beginner.

Wide Chin-ups (to get V-tapper)

Wide Chin-ups (to get V-tapper)

These wide grip chin-ups are the most important exercise if you ask me because that’s the formula of building that sexy V-shape for men and women.

Do the simple chin-ups but while keeping more distance in between your hands. It will be hard but it will definitely pays off.

Combine it with doing leg raises later to get a narrow waist.

Hanging Leg Raises and Knee Raises (to build Abs)

Hanging Leg Raises and Knee Raises (to build Abs)

The last exercise I need you to perform are the leg and knee raises. This exercise has two versions the straight leg raise if for inter to advance level builders while knee raises are for beginners.

In leg raises, you hang by your hands while palm facing downwards and start lifting your legs up and down with proper control.

In knee raises, instead of raising legs horizontally you tuck in and raise your knees with proper control and range of motion.

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Advanced Complete Bodybuilding Single Exercise

The thing I most rely on are the muscle-ups. Do whatever you want but the effectiveness and power of muscle-ups can’t be rejected.

Muscle-ups are the base of bodyweight advanced training and this kind of training is done on a calisthenics training station.(link) Being so much hard this exercise hits every single muscle on your upper body including your abdominal muscles as well.

First hang like a simple chin-up but place your hands according to your shoulder width.

Then start swing back and forth and lift yourself up in a projectile motion.

I know it’s quite hard for you to understand and perform that why you can check the video given below.

Video Credit goes to bodybuilding.com

power tower exercises infographics


What are the Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises?

In compound/bodyweight movements, multiple muscles are working at the same time. Hence, targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time. As a result, building more muscle and burning fat at the same time.

These were for today my friends the best power tower exercises and stay healthy and tunes for next content. Or checkout below mentioned posts. Peace.

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