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Workouts are vital to maintaining overall fitness. Garage Gym Workouts  are because many of us ignore our physical health due to our workaholic routine.

Basic training provides you with healthy body weight, boosts your stamina, makes muscles and bones strong, and has a positive impact on your mental health. Now, the question is, How do we achieve a healthy body? And the answer is A GARAGE GYM. YES, you can create a garage gym at your place with some essential equipment and do your workouts at home in a comfort zone.

Workouts to do in your Garage

Here is some training that you can do at your garage gym.

Workout#1 (Warm-up)

Warm-up for 2 minutes

Workout#1 (Warm-up)

Before main workouts, you have to warm up your body. For a warm-up, do the below movements,

  • Arm circle for 30 sec.
  • Jumping jacks for 30 sec.
  • Lunges for 30 sec.

Workout#2 (Weight-Lifting Workouts)

Next to warm-up, hold the dumbbells and start these three workouts.

Workout#2 (Weight-Lifting Workouts)

#1: bicep curls:

  • Stand straight and pick the dumbbells in both hands
  • Now bring your elbows close to your upper body and turn your palms upward
  • Then bend your arms and move the dumbbells close to your shoulders
  • Stop and repeat ten times in 3 sets with a break of 30 sec.
  • In each breakdown, your arm is in a normal position.

#2: shoulder press:

  • Grab the dumbbells in a standing position
  • Lift the weight up to the shoulders
  • Now bring it up to the head and keep the work until your hand feels tired
  • Then down the weight toward the shoulder again
  • Repeat this workout ten times with a 30-sec break in 3 sets

#3: Bent over row:

  • Stand keeping your legs a width with little bent knees
  • Pick up the dumbbells in both hands and keep your palms onward your body
  • Now turn yourself front side almost a 45-degree angle
  • Keep working your core with straight your back
  • Now start weight lifting upward close to the chest
  • Take a break after ten times repeat
  • Do it in 3 sets with an interval of 30 sec

You can also try dumbbell chest presses or lateral raises to make these workouts more advanced.

Workout #3 (Bodyweight Calisthenics Workouts)

Now do some full-body workouts in your garage gym that maintain your overall fitness. Just lay down on the gym mat and start the below exercises in 3 sets and ten-time repeats and take a 30-sec break in each workout set. Also a complete home Calisthenics machine can make your job easy and also budget-friendly.

Workout #3 (Bodyweight Calisthenics Workouts)

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#1: simple push-ups:

  • Lay down and turn your body facing the floor
  • Keep your palms on the ground
  • Now maintaining your body weight on your hands, start an up-down movement
  • Keep flat your hand and bent elbows to close your chest to the floor
  • Do push-ups and breath out when you are upward
  • Stop after ten times

#2: superman punch

  • First, Lay upside down, open your arms wide above your head
  • Now start raising your arms, legs, and chest together
  • Just like a flying position
  • Now keep raising these body parts and try to stretch your elbows upside
  • Now back to normal position
  • Then do it ten times

#3: Runner crunch:

  • Keep your hands back of your head in a laying position
  • Open your elbows broader
  • Now raise your body in a sitting position keeping your hands back of your head
  • Then try to close your left knee with your right elbow close to your chest
  • Then right knee with the left elbow in the same position
  • Try ten times for both opposite positions
  • Get back to the normal position

#4: Boxing/ burnout workouts:

This workout helps to burn fats and improves overall body strength. You need a punching bag or shadow boxing for this workout. You have to continue 3 minutes each and break for 1 minute

First round: jab-cross/ lead hook

  • Put your feet wider on the floor, and make a fighting position
  • Quickly start punching on the punch bag and keep doing it with power cross
  • You can move around while doing jabs to make your speed stronger
  • Keep doing your job for 3 minutes

Second round: jab-cross/ lead hook with (jab2)/ rear uppercut

  • Start this round the same as the first round
  • Do two fast jabs next, doing lead hook, now start doing uppercut. Balance your back leg for maximum power

Third round: free hands

In this round, you are all free to do any throwing for three minutes. Add freestyle, jabs, crosses, or any other combination of punches of your choice you want to do.

It’s Time to Cool Down

After doing all garage workouts now, you have to take 3 minutes to cool down your body and normalize your pulse rate.

Try these cool-down exercises

Lunging Stretch:

  • make a lunge position and keep your hands close to your front leg
  • now stretch your back knee and push back your hips
  • then repeat the other leg

Cross Body Stretch:

  • keep your right arm in a cross position on the chest
  • and hold it with the left arm
  • now start pulling tight for 15 sec
  • next, do the same with the other hand

Chest Stretch:

  • put your both arms backside and cross fingers of each hand
  • now start pulling your arms backside as much as you can
  • do it until your shoulder blades feel touch together
  • get back to normal and repeat

Now you are done with a perfect garage gym workout that is absolutely the same as in a gym. You can do it at home in your garage gym anytime perfectly. And manage your body weight and keep yourself more healthy and active.

How to Create a Garage Gym?

Suppose you have a garage or a free space at home. You can transform it into a garage gym for your daily workouts. You need an area where you can move comfortably, a few mats, some dumbbells, punch bag, foam rollers, and a pull-up bar. Now you are ready for a garage gym workout. You can add more equipment according to your need over time, but in the start above mention, tools are enough.

But I recommend getting a power tower because one equipment can solve all your equipment handling problem.


The significant advantage of a garage gym is that it saves you a lot of money on a regular gym for monthly charges. Other benefits include time-saving, cost-friendly, privacy, freedom to do anything, and the last, no waiting for your turn.

 You can add some essential equipment to your garage, including,

  • Floor mats
  • Foam roller
  • Pull up bar
  • Punchbag
  • Kettlebells
  • Resistance bands
  • Gym rings
  • Dumbbells
  • A Power Tower

You can save money by purchasing second-hand gym equipment. Check deals on pre-loved gym items in newspapers. Make a meeting with the person selling these items and ensure the tools are good in condition before purchasing or making the deal final.

Yes, this is very important that your garage gym is ventilated correctly in summers because, in hot weather, your body gets heated up during the workout. It can cause stroke, so be sure your garage is fully ventilated.

This was complete information about garage gym workouts and how to build one at your home or in your garage.

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