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Compound vs Isolation Exercise 2023 — Hypertrophy Muscle Growth

Coach Smith

Today we will discuss about compound vs isolation exercise. Gonna compare them and see which one has the most benefit.

Compound vs Isolation Exercise

The main difference between Compound and isolation exercise is that compound muscles helps you target large muscle group in a single exercise like Chin-ups target your rear delts back muscles and your biceps. While Isolation exercise only targets one muscle at a time with more intensely like bicep curls that only target your biceps while curling.

First I’m gong to tell you about what are compound movements. In compound movements there is an exercise that requires your different muscle groups to work together to perform it. that particular exercise requires more effort in a result making your training more intense.

Usually more effective movements are done on a power tower workout machine. it makes these foundational movements like pull-ups, chin-ups and chest deep dips more effective checkout the workouts.

The example of compound movements are bench-press, military press, and bend rows with a barbell.

Now, the isolation exercise. this type of workout isolate a particular muscle and you only require that particular muscle to work and complete the cycle. which means you don’t need extra power or energy to complete your reps because only that particular muscle is doing the job.

Examples are bicep curls and butter flies. because in bicep curl you stand still while doing to extra work just curling your arms to pump the biceps. as a result only your biceps grows.

Benefits of Compound Movements

compound lifts Compound vs Isolation Exercise

The first benefit you get from compound movements are you pump more blood in your body like you are performing a bench press and while targeting that chest you are also targeting your front delts and triceps along the way.

Second benefit you get is you are doing cardio along the way. Let me explain like you are doing pull-ups on a home gym power tower. You are using your rear delts and biceps along the way. In this movement your core is highly affected by that intense workout. You are continuously pushing yourself and reaching your limitations where you are going to get exhausted.

When you get exhausted, your core is completely destroyed. I prefer calisthenics compound movements that are done on a free calisthenics bar or a workout tower. Because it builds a small waist naturally because when you separately target the core it comes out as a belly fat before getting into shape.

But compound movements do that work for you more earlier than performing isolated movements.

Another benefit of compound lifts is that you can target less frequency because you get exhausted earlier as compared to isolated movements. The pump and workout that you were going to get after 20 reps in isolating movements, you can simply get it in only 10 to 12 reps.

If you don’t believe me then I dare you to try it.

Benefits of Isolation Movements

isolation movement Compound vs Isolation Exercise

Isolation movements has its own benefits. These exercises are muscle group specific like you are just going to target a single muscle at a time.

If you are performing bicep curls then your complete focus is on your biceps. You can also target isolation bicep movement on a dip-station power tower because doing it with complete focus it can give you more satisfactory results.

Isolation movements tend to exhaust you less but doing it in a high frequency can show you hot results on that particular muscle.

A Complete Compound with Isolation Workout

Here is a combined workout plan that I have worked out and experience good results from it. This workout got me jacked while I was going to visit the beach.

ImageNameSets and Reps
backpacBench Press4 sets of 10 reps last one should be 12 with increased weight
backpacPull-ups3 sets till failure, do it on a Power tower you can get access to a budget friendly power tower
cordlessblowerIsolated Curls4 sets of 15 reps
cordlessblowerDeadlift3 sets of 12 reps
cordlessblowerOverhead Press3 sets of 12 reps
cordlessblowerDumbbells isolated flies4 sets of 15 reps focused


What are some Compound movements

• Deadlift
• Overhead Press
• Bench Press
• Bend Rows
• Pull-ups

Video Credit goes to Flow High Performance

Hope this compound vs isolation exercises helps your bodybuilding goals.

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