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Best Power Tower for Calisthenics 2023—Top 6 Athlete’s Choice

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Believe me or believe top athletes in the world because the real muscle is build and fat is burned via calisthenics so keep a look at these best power tower for calisthenics. Then, I will make sure you get the best workout station to fulfill your needs and achieve the desired body you dreamed for.

Get Massive

  • Stability and Support
  • Adjustment in Height
  • Wide Range Pull-up Bar
Home Gym
Soges PSBB002

  • For Serious Workouts
  • Stable Dip Station
  • Height adjustment Feature
Best for Strength

  • Adjustable Dip Station
  • Extra stand for stability
  • The pull-up bar is versatile

Bowflex VS SporstRoyal

You guys know I talk a lot about Sportsroyal which is an amazing power tower but here we are specifically discussing a machine that is good for doing calisthenics at home. In calisthenics you are not going to stick with simple pull-ups or chin-ups but with time you will progress to advance moves like muscle-ups and front lever.

Bowflex VS SporstRoyal

As you can see in the picture bowflex has a lot of key features like grips for doing reverse pull-ups for starter calisthenics athletes, you can adjust the dip bars wherever you want even near to ground. No doubt sportsroyal is an amazing and a trust worthy machine but in calisthenics you will do freestyle later and a lot of multiple muscle targeting exercises. Then bowflex will support you more because you can see the lower frame stand of my bowlfex that it can hold your swings and will not move a muscle.

Best Power Tower for Calisthenics

The best power tower for calisthenics is the most important workout equipment you need for getting lean and melting the maximum amount of fat as well as building muscle.

Let me explain to you how?

Doing some dips, pull-ups, and leg raises are some basic exercises and they work only to a limit till your body gets adapted to that basic movements. And at some point, you stop seeing results because in order to see the results you need to progress more. At that point, calisthenics training jumps in because in calisthenics you perform advanced level bodyweight exercises.

In calisthenics, you burn more fat because when you are performing a single exercise you are not just targeting that certain muscle but targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time. Let me give you an example while doing muscle-ups you are targeting your back, chest, biceps, triceps, core, and rear delts.

According to my personal experience, if a man or a woman can do 12 pull-ups or 20 push-ups in a row then he or she should start his/her journey to become an elite calisthenics athlete and achieve the Greek God body that every person desires. To fulfill your realistic dreams I have come up with the top-rated products of this century.

Before and after doing calisthenics

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacSportsroyalsColor: Black
Steel alloy
Check Price
backpacSoges Power TowerColor: Black
Check Price
cordlessblowerM HI-Mat Multifunctional Color: Yellow,Black
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cordlessblowerSoges PSBB005-NColor: Black
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cordlessblowerBowflex BodyTowerColor: Grey
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cordlessblowerWeider 390 LT Power TowerColor: Grey and Black
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List of Top 6 | Bodybuilding Calisthenics Power Towers | Reviews and Buyers Guide

A Friendly Disclaimer: I don’t make the products I offer genuine and Honest reviews because I want you to be Healthy. So, without wasting your athletic time let us start the reviews.

#1. SportsRoyals (Weighted Calisthenics) Power Tower

The stability of this model is highly stable because it is made with 14-gauge steel and acquires a square shape. Sportsroyals workstation supports 400lbs of weight and is quite sturdy as it has 8 supporting points.

And the color shade of this machine will remain the same because it is coated with good quality scratch-free paint. This power tower is decently tall and offers you height adjustment features as well.

For the backrest, you can adjust it in 7 holes from 1.2” to 6.7” according to your needs. And if you are thinking does it provide with height adjustment as well? Then, yes it offers height adjustment features as well.

You can adjust it in 6 positions like from 64.5” to 88.1” according to your height.

SportsRoyals (Height Adjustment Pull-upDip Station) Power Tower

What We Like

  • Best for calisthenics and weighted calisthenics
  • Good choice for men and women
  • 8 supporting points to make it extra sturdy
  • Made with 14 gauge steel in a square shape
  • The backrest can be adjusted in 7 different positions
  • Variable bar and dip station is highly effective due to its advanced mechanism
  • Wide grip padding pull-up bar allowing you to achieve a sexy v-taper back
  • Complete luxury padding on all grips and handles

What We Don’t Like

  • No con at all my friend

Due to this amazing sturdiness, you can perform weighted calisthenics exercises on this machine like:

  • Weighted dips
  • Weighted pull-ups
  • Weighted chin-ups
  • Weighted muscle-ups as well if you reached that level of muscle endurance.

The bar on this power tower is made wide enough to get your lads out and build an amazing V-taper. Not only that but you can target different areas of your back by using close, mid, and wide grip variations. The padding on this machine is amazing as the complete upper bar, dip handles are all covered with good quality foam. And if you talk about the backrest and elbow pads then they are even better because they are covered with luxury foam to give you amazing support.

This specific product has something unique in its which I like the most is that the elbow rest along with the grips are tilted at a 10-degree angle. They are tilted a little bit inward so that your elbows won’t slide off and you get a comfortable and stable hold while performing advanced abdominal exercises. This machine is a complete bodybuilding monster as you can do every beginner to advanced level bodyweight exercise on it. The bar is made to target different back muscles while using different grips. The dip station is adjustable and allows you to perform all sorts of push exercises and static holds as well.

Today is your lucky day because sportsroyals offer a 1-year warranty on broken parts if they broke which will not happen.

There is no con in this machine, that’s why it’s the first product on my list, and if you don’t believe me click the link below to see the reviews of this product.

sportsroyal is the best workout machine

I personally reviewed Sportsroyal several times that it’s a perfect machine. It used to fit in my bedroom next to my bed and I do multiple workouts ono it while removing the backrest. It’s tilted dip handles are fixed and comfortable in my hands soo much that I’m able to do extra dips easily.

#2. Soges PSBB002 (Best Overall) Power Tower

This multifunctional power tower is for serious users as the exercises performed on this machine are enjoyable as well as progressive. In short, a complete upper strength building machine.

You can perform every kind of abdominal and calisthenics exercise on this machine.

You can also do freestyle calisthenics using its versatile pull-up bar. You can target your abdominal muscles inner and outer along with chest, biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders and traps.

A heavy-duty frame is used in its construction as you can see the base of this machine is anti-eversion and its stability has gone to another level due to the stability suction plates under the stand.

It can support up to 330lbs of body weight without moving an inch.

soges PSBB002

What We Like

  • A heavy-duty frame is used to build this machine
  • Multifunctional power tower
  • Offers high stability and endurance
  • The base has wide suction plates to offer extra stability
  • Can perform freestyle calisthenics on it as well
  • Complete upper bodybuilder
  • Adjustable height feature
  • Great for men and women

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not have a backrest

As you can see the dip station of this tower is made in a uniquely aesthetic way that allows you to do dips as well and Australian pull-ups. You can perform multiple types of calisthenics movements. And can do advanced abdominal exercises like knee and leg raises in the mid-air which makes it more difficult and effective.

This machine also offers a height adjustment feature as well so that the whole family or your spouse can take benefit from it as well and can also fit in your apartment. As you can see this machine does not have a backrest and the benefit you can get is you can do freestyle and more difficult abdominal exercises. That will burn a lot more calories because when you are in an isolated form the complete focus is on the abs and not the rest of the body.

But when you will perform abdominal exercises without a backrest and use your own bodyweight to balance your position then not only your abs but your other muscle groups will also incorporate into the exercise. As a result, more calories will be burnt, and lean muscle will start coming underneath the fat layer.

This workout equipment is not only beneficial for men but also women because it is stable and durable and even the ladies which are new to fitness, they can also take advantage of this bad baby as well.

This product does not come with a backrest but if you ask me what is the meaning of a backrest when you are doing calisthenics. I think that is the whole purpose of this machine that’s why it’s a complete calisthenics package.

My personal experience with this product is that if you are a short dude like me then go for this machine. Specially women are preferable to go for this product. because it will increase your stability of doing bodyweight workouts due to fearlessness of dropping doing because you have already seen the foot pads.

#3. Multi-Functional Power Tower (With bench Press and Squat rack)

The best thing about this machine is that it offers a rack that is adjustable and you can perform different sorts of exercises on it to build muscle size.

  • You can utilize it to rack a barbell and do bicep curls to build bigger arms
  • You can perform overhead military press to build massive shoulders
  • Use a bench and perform all sorts of chest exercises like an Inclined bench press, declined bench press, and simple benchpress as well.
  • Use it as a squat rack to build core and leg strength

The height on the bar can be adjusted in 16 different levels while the rack can be adjusted in 6 different levels of height.

Multifunctional Hi-Mat Power Tower (Especially for fitness enthusiasts)

What We Like

  • Complete upper and lower bodybuilding tower
  • The adjustable bar at 16 levels of height
  • Adjustable rack with 6 levels of height
  • Comes with a rack that can be used for bench press and doing squats as well as other barbell exercises
  • Highly sturdy due to the large anti-skid suction cups under it
  • The bar can be used for all sorts of calisthenics advance and beginner movements
  • Best for building muscle size fast at home

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not have pushup grips

This tower is a complete upper as well as a lower bodybuilding machine.

  • It comes with an adjustable pull-up bar that you can adjust even at the lowest point.
  • And on top of that, it’s a freestyle bar and you can do all sorts of calisthenics movement along with freestyle on it with ease.
  • You can do all sorts of leg-building exercises like squats, lunges, etc, and build your thighs, glutes, calves.
  • The bar allows you to do all sorts of hanging abdominal exercises from beginner to advanced level.

Sturdy Construction

  • First of all, the bar is locked with an anti-unhooking function to offer more stable pulling movements.
  • The rack is also constructed in the same way as the bar to offer maximum stability without worrying at all.
  • The bottom of the frame is attached with anti-skidding suction cups that make this machine stay in a sturdy position.

This is the only bad thing I see in this machine but if you ask me, it is somehow good as well. Because you are getting a stable barbell rack with it that can fulfill the needs of the push-up grips even better. The pros of this machine are far better than this single con and if you agree with me then I know you will like this product very much due to its frame and stability.

#4. Soges PSBB005-N (Strength Training) Power Tower

If you want to progress more and build serious muscle with time then you need to be more creative while performing advanced bodyweight exercises.

The structure of this machine is made in such a way that there is no disturbance in the range of motion. While performing some fancy and harder exercises, you can move freely on the bar for example while doing muscle-ups.

You know that you can also adjust the height of this muscle-building machine of both the pull-up bar and the dip station according to your needs.

The frame is quite sturdy as you can see you can hang freely on this machine, and it’s made from heavy-duty metal in order to get the extra sturdiness. And for stability, the material is main support widened and splayed anti eversion base. Suction cups are also installed.

Soges PSBB005-N

What We Like

  • Best strength training machine
  • Can do advance calisthenics movements on it
  • Supports 330lbs of weight
  • The bar is free and can do freestyle movements that look cool and progressive
  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • The material is main support widened and splayed anti eversion base
  • Suction cups for extra stability
  • Best for beginner and advance calisthenic athletes
  • Budget friendly

What We Don’t Like

  • No backrest

The overall dimensions of this product are 32.3 inches of length x 29.5 inches of width x 65~82.7 inches of height And if you talk about, how can it support then the answer is 330lbs of weight just like it’s another model I explained above.

This model of Soges is multifunctional as a person of every age can use this machine to get effective growth. The bar can be used to do freestyle calisthenics because there is no extra material in the way to stop you from doing explosive calisthenics movements. You can build crazy strength at home with the help of this product.

As I explained before when you are looking for a calisthenics machine then you don’t need to worry about that at all because you are now on a hard path where 10% of people walk. Now, you are an advanced-level athlete, and to really become one you should get used to harder exercises.

#5. Bowflex (Complete Home Gym) Power Tower

The material used for the construction of this machine is heavy-duty commercial steel. The stand of this product is made in a U-shape to offer high stability and a supporting extra stand at the back.

Its bottom ends are covered with 2 rubber cups that offer extra sturdiness while performing exercises.

Let me explain to you why this product is called a complete home gym because of the way this machine is built and the accessories which are provided along with it. You do not need any other equipment to build an amazing physique.

You can perform more than 20 types of Exercises on this machine. This product is covered with anti-soaking padding all around its grips like the pull-up bar is also padded and the dip station along with the straps provided.

Bowflex power tower

What We Like

  • Heavy-duty commercial steel construction
  • Extra stand for stability
  • Comes with a rubber cup covering at the bottom so it will stay firm
  • Size is not big so it can be adjustable in your home
  • Perform more than 20 exercises on it
  • Complete luxury padding on grips and bar
  • The backrest is also padded and stable
  • Adjustable dip station in 7 different locks
  • The pull-up bar is versatile
  • Size is not that big and easily adjustable in your apartment or garage

What We Don’t Like

  • Maybe too expensive for some people

The backrest is also made with non-absorbent foam that is quality luxurious and comfortable for your back while performing abs workouts. The abs station is quite stable and effective when it comes to building serious abs. You can perform a wide range of exercises on the abs station which I will explain to you next.

The dip station can be adjusted in 7 different locks even you can adjust it near the ground and perform push-ups on it. Along with that, you can perform several exercises on this station like Australian pull-ups, supported wide grip chin-ups, and much more. You will get free grips to attach with the dip station that allows you to do even more exercises in order to build strength and muscle.

The pull-up bar of this product is versatile, and you can perform chin-ups and pull-ups using different grips and, in this way, you will target more muscle groups in your biceps and back. Hanging straps are also provided free in order to do hanging abdominal exercises to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

Along with purchasing this power tower, you will get a free guide on how to assemble the machine which is quite easy. And not just that there will be 20 to 30 exercise variations explained in the guide which will be a gift for you. It is your lucky day because the company offers a 5-year of warranty on the frame and not just that a 1-year warranty on all the parts of this machine.

So, you do not need to worry about it because you are buying a masterpiece.

This machine can be too expensive for some of you guys and it’s true but when you look at it and see what this machine offers. Like common my friend, it’s a complete home gym workout station and you will not need anything else and also, they are giving free accessories and a 5-year warranty.

#6. Weider 390 LT Power Tower (With Punching Bag)

If you wish to train like some MMA fighter and build some amazing strength then this power tower is the best and suitable option you are going to get.It comes with a punching bag that allows you to do hardcore strength-building and cardio workouts.

If you want to get strong start training like one.

The stability this machine offers is amazing, as you can see the wide frame is made up of heavy-duty steel and the shape is made in such a way to provide maximum sturdiness. Don’t forget the anti-skidding cups installed under the frame.

Supports up to 360lbs of weight which is more than enough my friend.

The bar on this machine reminds me of the old era of bodybuilders when the bar was wide and you have to use full strength to get your head above the bar.

This pull-up bar will give you those wings that will help you build a wide structure having broad shoulders.

Weider 390 LT Power Tower

What We Like

  • Comes with anti-skidding cups under the frame
  • Comes with a punching bag
  • Highly sturdy and stable
  • Made with high-end steel
  • Target all the muscle groups of your body
  • Best for training like an MMA fighter and calisthenics athlete
  • Improves strength and cardio training
  • Wide grip open chin-up bar to get those back wings out
  • Padding elbow rest to do isolated abs exercises

What We Don’t Like

  • Cannot fit in a small room

The dip station is also made in an aesthetic way that is mostly used for street workouts. You can build an amazing chest, triceps, and shoulders using its freestyle dip station. The elbow rest is covered with padding as well and made in a sturdy stable position to not let your elbows slide inwards. Offer maximum stability to target that abdominal area and giving you a small waist.

This machine is multi-functional allowing you to target each muscle group of your body.

  • The bar is made to target your back as well as biceps and rear delts
  • The dip station is freestyle and not only targets your chest but your triceps and shoulders at different angles.
  • Abs station will enhance your abdominal workouts and on top of that use the punching bag to build amazing strength.

At the bottom, you will see 2 stands that are specially designed to do different varieties of pushups to get a massive upper, lower, and mid-chest.

Trusted Brand

Weider is an old and trusted brand when I was a kid and used to see Arnold on TV, I remember Weider company first start selling supplements then they move to gym equipment. And I saw both grow together in the same environment.

The drawback is seen in this power tower is that it cannot be get fit in a small room in your apartment but if you have a big room or a garage then this machine can fit easily. In my opinion, if you want to train like a lone wolf or some monster and get big and strong then, this machine should be your first and only priority.


Can you do muscle ups on power tower?

Yes, if the power tower has a freestyle bar and your ceiling is a little bit high so that you will not hit your head. My top suggestions of a power tower on which you can do muscle-ups easily are:
• Multi-Functional Power Tower ( With bench Press and Squat rack )
• Weider 390 LT Power Tower
• SportsRoyals ( Weighted Calisthenics ) Power Tower
• Soges PSBB002 ( Best Overall ) Power Tower
• Soges PSBB005-N (Strength Training) Power Tower

Power tower that can support rings?

The Power Tower that can Support rings are:
• Sportsroyals Power Tower
• Marcy Multi-Grip Power Tower
• Multi-Functional Power Tower ( With bench Press and Squat rack )
• Weider 390 LT Power Tower
• Soges PSBB002 ( Best Overall ) Power Tower
• Soges PSBB005-N ( Strength Training ) Power Tower

Can you attach rings to a power tower?

If you do not wanna put a hole in your ceiling or you do not have a tree in your neighborhood or you don’t have something quite stable that can hold your weight and you might fell down. Then yes, you can attach rings to a power tower but make sure that the power tower supports at least 300lbs of weight.

Is a power tower good for calisthenics?

Yes, power towers are not just good but they are best for calisthenics. You can do all the pushing exercises like pushups to target the chest, closed grip, or diamond pushups to target triceps and handstand for shoulders.
But when it comes to building that back muscles and rear delts I mean the pulling movements and abdominal hanging exercises then definitely you require a power tower.
On top of that, doing some pulling or pushing movements will not make a huge difference you have to progress with time like move to harder progressions and variations in order to get big and strong.

Are power towers stable?

Yes, power towers a quite stable especially the new models which are made with heavy-duty steel and have anti-skidding cups under their frame.
Those offer maximum stability and even you can do freestyle calisthenics on them as well.

How many pull ups do you need to do to do a muscle up?

It is not just about how pull-ups you can do but it is also about the pushups you can do before doing a muscle-up.
Because muscle-up is a combination of both pushing and pulling movements.
So, when you can do 10 to 12 pull-ups and 20 push-ups in a row then consider yourself to do one successful muscle-up.

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I hope you liked this article about best power tower for calisthenics and you will like the next post about best power towers and their expert reviews and calisthenics core workouts.

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