Banded Pull ups — Complete Benefits (detailed) and Tips

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Banded pull ups are seen as a regression for those who can’t do strict pull-ups. It’s most commonly performed on a bar or power tower with a bar by powerlifters, weightlifting athletes, and bodybuilders.

But it has become popular in CrossFit communities. The banded version of the movement will allow you to continue improving your upper body strength without extra pressure on joints like knees or elbows when doing an actual full strict repetition from 0% contraction at start up until 100%.

benefits of banded pull ups

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Benefits of Banded Pull-Ups

The benefits of pull-ups to a bar with bands can be felt by athletes and coaches, and lifters at any level. Below are unique reasons why this should become an integral part of your training program:

 1) It builds grip strength- when you use adjustable resistance like elastic straps, it’s easier for them hit failure because there isn’t much weight on the handles;

 2) This helps enhance muscular endurance – due credit goes to shoulder stabilizers such as deltoids which take over the majority responsibility during these types of moves.

Regression of Strict Pull Up

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The banded pull-up is a great exercise to develop your raw muscles and strength if you’re struggling with strict bodyweight or lat-pulldowns.

Regression of Strict Pull Up

It helps train the exact movement pattern needed for doing these movements while also teaching how much tension needs to be applied at different points during this workout routine because it allows more range than traditional barbell variations do.

Bodyweight Strength

Bodyweight movements are a key component to building the foundation for all types of training. You must master strict pull-ups, regardless if it is a sport or gender-related weakness, because, without them, your overall ability will suffer, and so does any chance at success in competition.

Bodyweight Strength

The strict pull-up is an essential movement for any athlete who wants to improve their upper body strength and muscle mass. You must learn this technique, even adding extra work with your other exercises or training goals.

Muscle Hypertrophy

Bands can be a great way to help you get your workout done quicker and with more repetitions. If an athlete has never been able to use bands before, they may find themselves doing fewer sets per muscle group because the weight is constantly being pulled from them as opposed to using bodyweight only.

But this becomes easier when performing at slower speeds or contracting one’s muscles tighter during each repetition.

Advanced Gymnastics Progressions

The banded pull-up is an excellent addition to your training program if you are looking for a more challenging movement that will help with control and skill development. The increased resistance allows lifters of all levels, even those who cannot do muscle ups or body rows yet still benefit from this type of exercise because it takes away some assistance in moving upward by allowing them to work against slightly heavier handles.

Advanced Gymnastics Progressions

The band will help athletes with slightly stronger muscles, but not limited in strength or mass. This means they can focus on improving their skill instead. Additionally, by doing pull-ups using bands when looking to progression towards muscle ups for example kipping bar PU’s, etc., you are able to get more workouts due to the athlete being capable of performing repetitions at higher speeds because there is assistance from these elastic straps.

Muscles Worked

The banded pull-up is a great tool to increase your lat strength and isolate the muscles better than a standard strict barbell or rope-assisted pull.

This can be especially beneficial for those who have difficulty doing so without bands because this movement often turns into an all-out body weight lift as you fatigue from holding that tension in place against gravity during each repetition.


Banded pull-ups are a great way to increase the number of reps you can do.

-By adding resistance bands, you can add more weight and make the exercise harder.

-Banded pull-ups are especially good for beginners because they allow them to do more reps with less weight.

-They can also be used to increase the intensity of an existing workout routine. Give banded pull-ups a try!

You may be surprised at how much easier they make the exercise.

See Video

Video credit goes to White Lion Athletics


  • First, you must take a resistance band
  • Tie one end of the band on the bar properly
  • Place the other end under your feet
  • Now a resistance is pulling you upward as a result making the pull-ups easy
  • Now perform it like a regular pull-up
  • First, you must take a resistance band
  • Tie one end of the band on the bar properly
  • Place the other end under your feet
  • Check twice that the knobs are correctly tie to the bar and your feet are properly placed on the band
  • Now a resistance is pulling you upward as a result making the pull-ups easy

Yes, they are quite good as they develop strength in you and makes pull-ups easy if you’re a beginner.

now you understand how much banded pull ups are beneficial for you. Checkout the posts given below.

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